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Jackiewicz`s Equestrian Club and Stud was created through joint work and renunciation. It begun with a dream shared by two founders. First buildings were built in 1998. Along with the development of the resort, the ambitions also grew. Therefore, shortly after the inception of the stables, a decision was made to engage in equestrian sport. Jackiewicz`s stable owes its success and good name to many years of hard work, gained experience and private involvement of its owners.

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Our excellent infrastructure helps keeping your horse in top physical and mental form.
We have achieved most of our successes in sport riding our own horses. We will be more than happy to advise you on proper nutrition and training of your horse.



From the beginning of our work we have met many wonderful and experienced people, each of whom has left a part of his knowledge.

Since 1997 we have been running our own sports horses breeding, which has helped us to know the best way to train and keep future champion.



We believe that exact question is needed to provide correct answer.

There are many ways towards goal. We want to show you the least complicated.

We want to give a little bit of happiness and relaxation to every horse, even the most ambitious sports.

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