Jackiewicz's stable plans to open horse house. We are going to provide high standard of services and comfortable conditions for horses and their owners, such as:
  • 18 boxes (3x3,5m) in main stall.
  • 9 spacious 3x4m boxes in the stall added to the hall
  • 2 outdoor washers with cold water and 1 outdoor washer with hot water
  • 1 indoor washer with hot and cold water
  • feeding place
  • solarium for horses
  • carousel for horses
  • heated harness room with sanitary facility and cabinets
  • 60x20 meters hall
  • dressage area 40x20m, parkour 45x55m with professional quartz ground
  • 7ha surrounded green pastures
  • set of colorful obstacles with different types of ditches and substructures
  • Comfortable sanitary facilities for horse owners and bathroom
  • Guest house with a restaurant and a terrace near the parkour.
Feeding will be planned accordingly to energy expenditure after prior arrangements with owner and trainer. We provide 24h monitoring and full service of stables, including veterinary care and blacksmith services. In the absence of owner, horses will be trained by us.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!