Jackiewicz`s Horse House is an object built on an area of 12ha, of which 7ha are green meadows, available for all horses in summer season. All facilities are in close proximity, which ensures quick access to each object. Surroundings of the stables and other buildings are finished with lawns and cobblestoned alleys so that in case of weather inconvenience people and horses could move comfortably.

MAIN STALL – self-contained building with 18 boxes (3×3.5m), inner washer with hot and cold water, external washer with hot and cold water, solarium, two stations for saddling, two tack rooms and social facilities.

COVERED CAROUSEL – roofed carousel with 4 positions, in the immediate vicinity of the main stall, illuminated and hardened.

LOUNGE ARENA – 16m diameter lounge arena without roofing, located directly by the carousel, with the possibility of irrigation.

ROOFED TRAINING HALL – 18x60m training hall, fully equipped with training barriers, has an auditorium and direct access to built-in stable.

LARGE TRAINING GROUND – 45x55m quartz training ground for experienced riders. Possibility of setting full size parkour. Also includes large water jump, small blue liverpools, wall and other colorful obstacles, with mounted irrigation system.

SMALL TRAINING GROUND – 20x45m quartz training ground. In summer season, intended for recreational, less skilled riders and for lounging. In winter season, used as a second paddock for horses, regularly irrigated.

ENGLISH STABLE – 3 boxed stall in the immediate vicinity of large square training ground and side stable. Outdoor washer with cold and warm water located next to stable. Stable ideal for horses with respiratory problems.

SIDE STALL BY THE HALL – consisted of 11 boxes (3x4m), added to one of the long sides of the hall, with direct entrance to hall. Fodder and place for tack boxes or wardrobe included. Entrance to large quartz training ground and washer are located next to stable.

PADDOCK FOR SPORT HORSES – 20x40m sand paddock, designed specially for horses, which cannot be released with the herd and for stallions. In winter, used by all horses released to paddocks.

PASTURES – we have allocated 7 hectares of fenced and divided pastures. Horses are released in two groups, separately mares and separately geldings. Due to safety reasons, 4 legs huddled horses are not released with group.

CAR PARK – large, comfortable car park for your disposal, located next to guest house. In winter season, available for stable and riding school customers. In summer weekends, car park is available only for guest house customers. Please leave your car at stable gate within this period.

TENT STALL – for the needs of groupings, open parkours and other events organized for riders from outside Jackiewicz`s Club, we built a tent stable containing 20 boxes (3x3m), placed on a concrete slab in the immediate vicinity of the rest of the infrastructure.